The Corrections Bureau is the largest of all bureaus within the Sheriff's Office with a staff of 275. These highly trained and dedicated personnel are responsible for the incarceration of people arrested by various agencies throughout Galveston County, Texas. The Jail is responsible for the safekeeping of those individuals until bond is posted, fine paid, time is served, ordered released, or transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. They are tasked with maintaining safety and security of the institution, providing food, clothing and medical care to over 1000 inmates on a daily basis. Court Bailiffs transport inmates from the jail to court and stand as deterrents to misbehavior in the court room. Entities such as the Attorney General's Office, Parole Office and Child Protective Services are served by the Bailiff Division. All fines, fees, or bonds to release an inmate are processed through the Bailiff Division. Civil and Criminal documents of lawsuits requiring service are logged and tracked in the Bailiff Division.