Thank you for inquiring about the Galveston County Mental Health Division. The Sheriffs Office is proud of the partnership that has been formed between our agency, local mental health providers and consumers. Through the efforts of many individuals within Galveston County, our Sheriff s Office initiated the Mental Health Division in 1974, which addresses the concerns and needs of the mentally ill during crisis situations. The Division employs a team of Sheriff Deputies who specialize in dealing with situations involving the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed. The Deputies are trained in crisis intervention in addition to their law enforcement duties.

The program was conceived from concerns of the Sheriff, the Probate Court Judge, and a psychiatrist in Galveston County that the needs of the mentally ill in the community were not being met. They outlined two goals:

  1. To increase high levels of communication among county departments and community groups handling the mentally ill, especially the local MHMR, The University of Texas Medical Branch and the municipal police agencies within the County.

  2. To establish a special operations unit to deal with the mentally ill through crisis intervention, special screening, and information and referral to determine the client needs for psychiatric evaluation.

Requests for services come from other police departments in Galveston County, mental health and family services, and family members of the disturbed individual. The Deputies are plain clothed officers who drive unmarked vehicles. These officers are located within the Sheriff’s Office and communications are conducted through the County dispatcher.

The Mental Health Division is committed to the quality of service that is directed at those who are struggling with mental illness. Our Department shares its sentiments with the community in accomplishing goals of safety, understanding, and compassion. The Mental Health Division has many positive attributes that are indicative of the commitment our department has made regarding mental health crisis service.

For any questions please free to call us at (409) 766-2323.