The Galveston County Sheriff Reserve program is a group of dedicated individuals from all walks of life. We are committed to providing the citizens of Galveston County with the best in law enforcement services. Reserves work in every major division of the Sheriff’s department including:

  • Patrol
  • Warrants
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Identification (Crime Scene Investigation)
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Training
  • Marine
  • Mental Health

The reserve division is staffed with fully licensed Peace Officers of the State of Texas and are required to have the same training and certifications as full time deputies. The current staffing for the reserve division is 61 deputies with 6 supervisors.

Patrol Division: The patrol division is the largest division and provides general law enforcement services to the citizens of Galveston County. Reserve Deputies provide the following during patrol duty:

  • Routine patrol of the county
  • Respond to calls for service
  • Investigate crimes
  • Write reports
  • Traffic Control
  • Accident Investigation
  • Provide security for special events

All Reserve deputies attend a basic law enforcement academy, six months of on the job training and upon successful completion are released to work independently. Upon completing the training program, many deputies are reassigned to other divisions such as Warrants or Marine. Reserve deputies are expected to work and perform at the same level as other employees of the department.

This division is the second largest division within the reserves. This division mans patrol boats that respond to crimes and calls for assistance on waters within the county and adjacent counties with a written mutual aid agreement. This division also hosts a dive team of full time and reserve deputies who are trained in underwater rescue and recovery. Deputies in this service are trained in marine issues/laws and are certified as Marine Safety Enforcement Officers.

Warrant Division:
In the warrants division, deputies assist in the service of civil process and criminal warrant service.

Criminal Investigation:
 Assignment to this division is generally reserved for seasoned officers with previous law enforcement experience.  In this division, deputies are assigned to follow up on case reports and/or assigned to assist a lead investigator.

  In this division, deputies are assigned duty times and respond to calls for crime scene processing, collect evidence, take photos and write detailed reports about the crime scene.  Deputies in this division are called upon to testify about crime scenes and recovered evidence. Deputies in this service are trained in Identification and have certifications.

In this Division, deputies respond to calls involving environmental crimes. Deputies investigate crimes, make arrest and write reports.  Deputies in this service are trained in Environmental issues and have certifications.

Mental Health:
In the Division, deputies are assigned duty times and respond to request for a Mental Health Deputy.  Deputies in this service are trained in mental health issues and have certifications.