Inmate Accounting

Galveston County Commissary / Telephone / Inmate Accounting Services are a privilege. Commissary and telephone privileges are offered to every inmate regardless of status (with the exception of those Inmates in a Lockdown or certain Medical Status).

To deposit money in person at the Galveston County Jail, you may access the lobby kiosk to deposit cash for an offender 24 hours a day.

The Kiosk at the Galveston County Jail is located in the Jail Lobby at:
5700 Ave H
Galveston, Texas 77551
The entrance to the Jail is located on Ave H, between 54th Street and 59th Streets in Galveston, Texas

The kiosk accepts $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.

Money can be deposited in the lobby for the Offender's Commissary Account or for the Offender's Telephone Account for the offender telephone system.


NEW - To deposit money on an Inmates Phone Account follow the link below -

Add money to an offenders' phone account to allow them to make phone calls.

Once the deposit has been made the money will become property of the inmate.

NEW - To deposit money on an Inmates Commissary Account follow the link below -

No need to drive to the facility and wait in line to provide money for loved ones.  No more stopping and having to buy money orders, stamps and envelopes.

Make a deposit to an inmate's commissary account now

Inmate's accounts are updated immediately with available funds.**

NEW - To purchase a Care Pack for an Inmate follow the link below -

Purchase a Care Pack for an inmate now

"A $1.00 pre-authorization is posted per order and will be returned to your account per card issuer guidelines, this is generally 1-2 business days

Units C, D, G, H and K will be delivered on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY
Units B, E, I and F will be delivered on TUESDAY and THURSDAY

Orders must be in by midnight before the day of delivery for delivery that day

The Products spending limit for Galveston County is $150.00.

We're here to give you the opportunity to show your friends and loved ones that you're thinking of them when they're not around. By integrating our safe, secure, easy-to-use Internet Superstore with the proven reliability of Trinity Services Group we guarantee that the recipient of your Care Package will be more than satisfied by the quality of our products and the timeliness of our delivery." -

To send an inmate a Money Order follow the link below for a limited time -

"Print" an Inmate Deposit Slip

The address for inmates to receive accounting services is:

Inmate Accounting
Inmate Name / booking #
P.O. Box 16762
Galveston, Texas 77551

Money orders must be:

*Payable to Inmate Accounting/Inmates Name/ booking #*

Do not send Money Orders with other mail enclosed, it will be returned..

Bond Office

Galveston County Jail - Window
Deputy R. Davis
5700 Avenue H
Galveston, Texas 77551

Inmate Mail

Galveston County Inmate Mail Services. The address for inmates to receive Inmate Mail Services is:

Galveston County Jail
Inmates Name / Booking #
5700 Avenue H
Galveston, Texas 77551-4137

  • An inmate may only receive 4 photographs in their mail.  Inmates are only allowed 4 photographs total in their possession.  Extra photographs will be placed into the inmates property.
  • Inmates may not received cards that contain plastic or that are laminated.  Musical cards or cards containing metal will not be accepted.
  • Inmates may not receive mail that contains telephone cards.

Do not send Mail with Money Orders enclosed, it will be returned.


Galveston County Inmate Publication Services. The address for inmates to receive Inmate Publication Services is:

Galveston County Jail
Inmates Name / Booking #
5700 Avenue H
Galveston, Texas 77551-4137

  • An inmate SHALL only receive publications from a Authorized Publisher or Authorized Distributor of publication material.  Online Merchants, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc may be used. 
  • Books SHALL NOT be mailed from a brick and mortar store.  Publications shall be ordered via a Authorized Publisher or Distributor, and shipped via their respective distribution or fulfillment center.  Inmates are only allowed enough publications which which fit in their issued publication box.  Extra publications will be mailed home or destroyed.  Publication will not be placed in an inmates property.
  • Inmates may not received hard back publications.

Inmate Telephones

Galveston County Inmates have use of the ITI telephone system. Inmates will follow the Deputies instructions at all times in regards to telephone usage. Telephone usage is a privilege. Inmates should be advised of the following information if they have questions.
  • Inmates have 2 ways to call out – collect and pre-paid phone card.d.
  • Both ways allow the inmates to talk for up to 15 minutes.
  • Collect calls do not allow the inmates to call certain numbers, including cell phone numbers.
  • Pre-paid phone cards do allow inmates to call cell phones.
  • Calls can be made internationally and with the continental U.S.
  • Three-way call attempts will automatically alert the phone system and the call will be terminated.
  • If the dial pad is touched during a call, even accidentally, the call will be terminated.
  • The same restrictions apply to both collect and pre-paid phone card.
  • Pre-paid phone cards are ordered through Commissary only.
  • Money is placed on the phone card each weekday after 4:30pm if at all possible.
  • If a pre-paid phone card is lost or stolen, it must be reported to administration as soon as possible.
  • If an inmate is found in possession of a phone card that does not belong to them, it should be confiscated immediately and returned to the owner or to Administration. .
  • Pre-paid phone card money is not transferable to another inmate or another agency.
  • To block a call from an inmate in the Galveston County Jail, please listen to the entire message and follow the prompts.

To setup prepaid calling accounts for an inmate at Galveston County Jail please call 888-949-3303 or visit

Click to view inmate calling information: (Adobe Reader Required)

English Version  Spanish Version


Inmate Visitation

All visits must be Scheduled prior to the date of your visit. Please Visit the GTL Visit Me Site to register and Schedule a Visit. Or Click on the Banner Below






B / D / E / I /K(* and other pods housing females)












Table 1.1 - Inmate Visitation for  B, D, E, I and other pods housing females






C / F / G / H / M










Table 1.2 - Inmate Visitation for  C, F, G, H, K and M.  Females housed in Pods other than D Cluster will visit on the D Cluster Schedule

Visitation Guidelines

  • Visitation Parking is very limited.  Arrive early and park in designated parking areas only.  Violators will be ticketed or towed.

  • 1 Visit per day, 2 visits per week, and 2 visitors per visit.

  • 1 Child allowed with an adult.

  • You shall not visit more than one inmate per day.

  • Children shall not be left unattended in the Jail Visitation Lobby.

  • Persons 16 years or older shall have Proper Identification.

  • Visitation is monitored.

  • Cell Phones and other electronics that can photograph and record audio or video are not permitted in the Front Lobby Visitation Area

  • No Photography of Inmate Visitation without the approval of Corrections Bureau Administration.

  • Do not exchange visitors.

  • Do not visit with other inmates.

  • No swimwear or revealing clothing.  Ask, if in doubt about the Standards of Dress.

  • Visitors of Inmates will NOT be permitted to have cell phones or camera's in the Jail Visitation Lobby.  If you are going to visit an inmate at the Galveston County Jail, make arrangements to leave your cell phone in your vehicle or at home.

  • Proper attire is required.  When in doubt, ask before your visit.

  • Any disruptive behavior by a visitor and/or their guests is Just Cause for a visitor to loose all visitation rights.

  • If any of the above are observed, your visit shall be terminated.

Professional Visitation

Attorney Visits:

  Attorneys may visit their inmate clients from 7:00am to 10:00pm unless securing inmates release.

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