Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Training Division

Training Division Mission Statement

The Training Division of the Galveston County Sheriff's Office strives to bring all officers, regardless of agency, the necessary courses for license maintenance and furtherance of careers. We have a great team of highly-trained, TCOLE certified instructors who meet law enforcement and correctional training needs with enthusiasm and experience. Training opportunities are offered not only in mandated and certificate courses, but also in a wide array of subjects, each beneficial to expanding the knowledge required to be successful in the law enforcement career chosen.


The Training Academy conducts Telecommunicator Licensure Courses, Jailer Licensure Courses and Continuing Education classes for licensees who are employed with a law enforcement agency. Honorably Retired Texas Peace Officers, Jailers and Telecommunicators may attend Continuing Education classes in order to maintain their license. At the discretion of the Training Coordinator and/or their designee, a licensee not employed with a Law Enforcement Agency may be afforded the opportunity to attend a Continuing Education class in order to maintain or renew their license.

Upcoming Courses for 2022