Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Bailiffs Division

Mark Bonner


Bailiff's Division Commander

Corrections Bureau

About the Bailiff's Division

The Bailiff/Courthouse Security Division consists of a Captain, and two Sergeants. There are a total of 30 Deputies/Bailiff’s that are assigned to maintain the safety/security of the various courts and all who work and visit the Galveston County Justice Center. Some of the duties include maintaining the safety of the judges and courtrooms during court hearings, arresting persons who have outstanding warrants or who have recently been sentenced to incarceration during a court appearance. This Division staffs court hearings related to criminal, civil, family, child support as well as probate and mental health cases. On average, 11,000+ inmates annually are transported to and from the Galveston County jail to the Justice Center and various other hearings. On average 600+ arrests are made each year by Bailiffs and Courthouse Security Personnel.

This division is further tasked with screening of all persons that enter the Justice Center while also maintaining perimeter security, monitoring alarms and security cameras. The Bailiff/Courthouse Security division is proactive in its approach to deterring and preventing criminal and prohibited incidents. On average 260,000+ persons are screened annually upon entry in the Justice Center and an average of 3400+ pieces of contraband is detected and stopped from entering the Justice Center. This division further staffs two satellite sites, the County building commonly referred to as the “old courthouse” located in downtown Galveston and the Juvenile Justice Center located in Texas City.

Visiting the Courthouse

If your planning on visiting the courthouse please review the following items that are strictly prohibited:
Alarm (audio) Alcohol Ammo & Magazines
Baseball Bats Batons Body Armor
Box Cutters Brass Knuckles Chains**
Corkscrews Handcuff keys Helmets*
Knives/Swords Kubaton Large Aerosol Cans
Letter Opener Lock Picks Mace
Martial Arts Devices Metal Nail Files Metal Hair Picks
Monkey Fists Scissors Skateboards*
Tasers Tools Torch Lighter
Toy Guns Guns Glass ***
Knitting Needles
This is not an exhaustive list and all items are subject to screening and examination by screening staff.

* - These items will be kept at the security desk until you have completed your business at the courthouse.

** - This item does not include chains that are secured onto a wallet or purse.

*** - Permitted entry by Courthouse Employees Only and subject to inspection by security staff.