Citizen's Sheriff Academy

Presented by the Galveston County Sheriff's Office And

Made Possible by the Great Citizen's of this County


The Galveston County Citizen Sheriff's Academy is a 37-hour block of instruction designed to give its graduates a working knowledge of the Sheriff's Office structure, function, and role within the community. The academy is a 12 week course with classes to be held on a weekday night from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. The training is conducted at a location that is convenient for the participants.

Enrollment is limited to 50 per session; Any interested citizen who resides or works in Galveston County is encouraged to participate in this EXCITING! and educational program. All participants must be at least 16 years of age and each attendee is allowed to miss 10% of the training. However, if a participant is forced to miss more than 10% of the course then arrangements can be made for them to make up the needed class at the next academy so they may receive their diploma. Deputies, supervisors and personnel with specialized expertise as well as the Criminal District Attorney will provide the instruction.

We endeavor to increase awareness by forging meaningful partnerships between Members of the Community and Members of Law Enforcement through education. It is our hope that members of this agency will become aware of the current feelings and concerns of our community through the input and interactions of the participant's.

For more information please contact (409) 766-2333.

Application for the Current CSA Session can be accessed from the button below