Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Criminal Investigations Division

James Roy


Criminal Inv. Division Commander

Law Enforcement Bureau

About the Criminal Investigations Division

Mission Statement

To provide professional services and expertise in investigation of criminal offenses reported in the unincorporated areas and provide the same standards in assisting local, state, or federal agencies and private sector leadership to ensure a safe environment. To further protect and serve by providing a standard of excellence and leadership for the successful arrest and prosecution of those who seek to violate the law and the rights of the citizens.

Description of Services

The Criminal Investigation Division conducts detailed and thorough investigations of offenses against person and/or property within the ethical and professional standards of the law by performing crime scene investigations to gather evidence, interviews of victims and/or witnesses, suspect identification, making arrests, preparing clear, concise and accurate investigative documentation to ensure successful prosecutions, testifying in court, conducting surveillances to gather evidence, identifying and recovering stolen property, gathering intelligence and research, providing polygraph examinations as an investigative resource and maintaining a cooperative working relationship with other Criminal Justice agencies.

The Criminal Investigation Division consists of Major Crimes Investigators, Special Crimes Investigators, Auto Crimes Task Force and Environmental Crimes Investigator. These individuals are committed to the accomplishment of the Divisions Goals, Vision and Mission Statement.