Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Corrections Division

Cody Schlageter


Corrections Division Commander

Corrections Bureau

Booking and Release Process


When individuals arrive at the Galveston County Jail their paperwork is checked for completeness. If the paperwork is complete/free of errors that individual is placed at the back of the current booking queue. When missing paperwork or errors are found then we advise the arresting officer to correct the problem.

Once the paperwork is to standard that individual is placed at the back queue to be booked. The booking process is many questions long, involves mugshots, and fingerprints most of the time. If for some reason the individual is not compliant with the process they are moved to the back of the booking queue. This is done to keep the process expedient and moving.


Now that the person's booking process is completes they are able to complete two free 2-minute phone calls to facilitate their release,notify loved ones of their current situations, and or contact their attorney. Most indivuals will have a bond and or fine that needs to paid in order to facilitate their release.

  • If a bond is needed you have two options:
  • 1) Pay the whole bond/fine amount yourself.
  • 2) Contact a bondsman to see their options and rates.
  • (By law we are unable to suggest a bondsman).

Please realize that an individual does not enter into the release queue until all necessary payment and/or paperwork has been completed and receieved. The release process is very paperwork intensive and requires officers to recheck all paperwork prior to release. This is done to confirm all the proper paperwork has been gathered and the identity of the individual has been verified prior to release.

Wondering if someone is in Jail?

Inmate Visitation Schedule


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm


8:00am Thru 10:30am
1:15pm Thru 4:25pm
6:30pm Thru 11:40pm

Visitation Information

• Gated Parking is off limits to the public.

• Visitation Parking is very limited. Arrive early and park in designated parking areas only. Violators will be ticketed or towed.

• 1 Visit per day, 2 visits per week, and 2 visitors per visit.

• 1 Child allowed with an adult.

• You shall not visit more than one inmate per day.

• Persons 16 years or older shall have Proper Identification

• Special extended visits are available upon request for individuals traveling more than 240 miles and cannot occur more that once every 3-months.

• Special extended visits are also available for emergency circumstances such as death within the immediate family.

Visitation Rules

• Due to the advancement in technology the following devices are not allowed in the Jail Front Lobby:

1) Any Device that can record sound.

2) Any Device that can record video.

3) Any Device that can take pictures (Physical or digital)

These Devices include but are not limited to:

• Cell Phones

• Smart Watches

• Portable Game Consoles (example: Ninetendo Switch, DS, Playstation Portable)

• Tablets

• Portable Computers of any variation.

• Camera

• Pocket Recorder

• Recorder

• Etcetera….

**(You will be permanently Banned from Visitation if Caught recording a visit (Audio or Video), and or taking a pictures)**

• Children shall not be left unattended in the Jail Visitation Lobby.

• Do not exchange visitors.

• Do not visit with other inmates.

• Violating the Standards of Dress.

• No Loud cursing/swearing, vulgar language, banging objects, or other loud disruptive behavior.

• No rude behavior towards front lobby staff or other visitors(Cursing, Swearing, Speaking loudly, Yelling, Shouting, or acting in any manner that a reasonable person would consider vulgar, condescending, or not neighborly)

**Any violation of the above rules by a visitor and/or their guests will result in the visit being terminated. These actions may also result in loss of visitation rights for a set period of time or a permanent ban from visitation. Proper action will be determined by Jail Administration, to ensure a safe and family friendly environment for the visitors at the Galveston County Jail.**

Visitation Standards of Dress

• No clothing that contains images or language that is offensive or profane.

• Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than three inches above the middle of the knee while standing

• All shirts must cover the shoulders, dresses included.

• No clothing that exposes the midriff, back, shoulders, cleavage, thighs or other large areas of skin.

• Clothing that is sheer or see-through is prohibited.

• No Flip-flops, sandals, slippers, any other open toed footwear.