Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Warrants Division

Pete Sifuentes


Warrant Division Commander

Law Enforcement Bureau

About the Warrants Division

Felony and misdemeanor criminal warrants are received from the district and county courts. District and county court warrants are securely maintained in the warrant division office. The criminal warrant division focuses on the management and execution of criminal arrest warrants. The criminal warrant division is the central depository for warrants issued by the district, county, and some from the justice of the peace courts. We also handle out of county warrants from Texas and from the United States that are sent to us. The warrant clerks are tasked with ensuring that warrants are properly entered and also cleared and filed in the in-house data system along with the Texas crime information center (TClC) or the National crime information center (NCIC).

The investigators are assigned these warrants who work in cooperation with other county-wide policing departments within the county. This division is also partnered up with the U.S. Marshal's office with the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force. This is a multi jurisdictional task force these investigators are deputized as a U.S. Marshal and is responsible in investigating and apprehending wanted fugitives from our county as well as the surrounding counties.

This division also handles civil process that is sent to us, the civil process control deputy is responsible for entry into our in-house data base. They are then sent out to the investigators for service in their assigned areas of the county.

We also handle the sheriff sales for ad volurum taxes (order of sale) the first Tuesday of the month at the courthouse inside the commissioner's court room. The investigators both criminal and civil are responsible for the transport and extradition of fugitives that are incarcerated in either state or county facilities around the state of Texas and also the United States. These investigators average 150,000 miles a year in pursuit of these fugitives. Our saying you can run but you can't hide!