Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Mental Health Division

Fred Sweeney


Mental Health Division Commander

Law Enforcement Bureau

About the Mental Health Division

The Galveston County Sheriff s Office Mental Health Division began in 1974 after discussions with County Probate officials and Local Mental Health providers. This division was created in an effort to provide officers that are specially trained and equipped to handle individuals in a metal health crisis or emotional crisis.
The Mental Health Division currently employs a team of Sheriff Deputies who are specially trained in assisting individuals during these crises. These officers dress in normal clothing and drive un-marked police units so not to draw extra attention or cause unnecessary excitement to the person in crisis.
This division routinely assists other municipal police departments within Galveston County. As well as fields requests directly from mental health/family services and from concerned family members of the individual in crisis.

    Deputies of this division operate with the following goals:
  • 1: Safety for everyone involved during a crisis situation.
  • 2: Understanding of the individual in crisis and the impact such a crisis can cause to loved ones.
  • 3: And compassion towards the families and community impacted by a crisis.